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NCHSA Davis Mountain 12:00PM Race

From the NCHSA Website:

The PRO class had eleven riders going at it for seven laps during the two hour morning Pro/A race. Lap one saw Tyler Bruton take control of the race, leading Matthew Nix by one second. Trevor Barrett came through in third place, four seconds ahead of fourth place rider Vance Earl. Charlie Mullins rounded out the top five. Somewhere during lap two Matthew Nix took over the lead, and pulled six seconds over Charlie Mullins. Trevor Barrett maintained third place eight seconds over Robby Norwood. Dale Brown Jr moved into fifth place, and chased by twenty two seconds. On lap three Charlie Mullins took over the lead, and pulled seventeen seconds over Matthew Nix. Trevor Barrett maintained third place, four seconds over hard charging Robby Norwood. Trevor Connell climbed into fifth place, and following by fifty three seconds. On lap four Charlie Mullins cranked it up, and increased the lead to forty five seconds over Robby Norwood. Matthew Nix slowed to third place, now having to protect the position from fourth place racer Trevor Barrett. Casey Leatherman picked it up into fifth place, following by one minute twenty five seconds. Lap five ended with Charlie Mullins picking up the pace, increasing the lead to one minute thirty one seconds over Robby Norwood. Matthew Nix held onto third place thirty six seconds over Trevor Barrett. Casey Leatherman still solid in fifth place by two minutes forty three seconds. Six laps in and Charlie Mullins stayed strong, rode great, and pushed the lead to one minute fifty five seconds, messing with the mind of Robby Norwood. Matthew Nix must like third place, and still holds an advantage of one minute thirteen seconds over Trevor Barrett. Casey Leatherman continues to block the entrance door to fifth place. Lucky lap seven showed that Charlie Mullins kept a cool mind, and continue to increase the race lead to two minutes forty seven seconds, trying to ruin the day of second place racer Robby Norwood. Matthew Nix is still controlling third place with a lead of one minute thirty two seconds over the ever chasing Trevor Barrett. Casey Leatherman refuses to give up on a fifth place finish. In the end it was an awesome race with three different leaders battling to the end, but it was Charlie Mullins who claimed victory, over the hard chargings of Robby Norwood, Matthew Nix, Trevor Barrett, and Casey Leatherman.

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