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Wednesday Wrench – Issue 26 – Brian Wolf

Wednesday Wrench From JG Offroad

Brian Wolf came out of the Unadilla GNCC with his first holeshot award as a Pro. The ATV Pro’s season has had its share of ups and downs, but the Ohio native is staying positive for the final three rounds of the season. See what Wolf is doing to prepare in this week’s Wednesday Wrench. 

You came out swinging in first with the holeshot at Unadilla. How did it feel to be the first off the line? 
It was felt good to finally get one. I don’t think I’ve gotten one all year. I think that might be the first one ever in the Pro Class. I just tried to take off and it wasn’t the smartest thing to do since I haven’t raced all summer but it was neat to get the holeshot. 

What did you think of the Unadilla track? Considering your brother in law is a pro-ATV motocrosser, I figured you’d like this one.  
Yeah! I liked it. I liked it a lot. It was fast and it was brutally rough. I don’t like the short laps though. We did almost seven laps. I’d rather have a four lap race with long laps. You’re spread out more, and you don’t get into lapped traffic as much. At Unadilla, I kind of fell off the pace and I got arm pump really bad. I never get that, so it was from not racing or pushing myself that hard all summer. I think that was the big factor with getting arm pump. 

So now that you have the first race of the second half of the season under your belt, what are you going to work on coming into Powerline Park?  
You know all season I’ve had probably the best program I’ve ever had. I spent a lot of time in Florida before the first national so we put a lot of effort in the whole season but it’s been kind of ups and downs with my hand. My bike’s ready to go, it’s running the best and handling the best it ever has. I definitely want to get out on the podium the next three rounds. I have a big hometown crowd coming down to Powerline.  All my nieces and nephews are coming, so it’s going to be pretty exciting for us.

Right now my cardio is there, I just need a couple races under my belt at race speed. I raced both Saturday and Sunday, and I hope to get a couple more races this weekend. 

Which series have you been racing on the off weekends? 
I went to AWRCS Saturday and the WEXCR series Sunday. 

Let’s go through the summer break. You work a full time job as well as train and race. How much time were you able to devote to training during your break?

Well, I didn’t do anything for five weeks after the Penton because I crashed really badly there. I just took five weeks off and recouped from that and spent time with the kids. I did some trail riding with the kids, and went to the lake. I started training about a month before Unadilla, doing cardio, and Norm Bickley from Fast Traxx built me a pretty sweet MX track about four miles from my house and I rode that a lot. I didn’t do any races all summer and I think that affected me, since I wasn’t pushing at race speed. I wish I had ridden more, and done some races, but I got busy with everything else. 

As far as the ATV, what did you do as far as setup? Did you make any major changes? 
We made a few changes. Pro Circuit built us a new pipe which really smoothed out the power and that’s about all we did for testing. Sam put a new start button on. I was trying to get him to get me a different start button and that really helped with that holeshot. He expects me to get a holeshot for all of the rest of them now!

After your injury did you change anything in terms of fitness training? 
During the summer, I just bought a cheap used bike from a pawn shop, a Schwinn Road Bike, and rode. Then I ended up buying a full carbon road bike and I just do that a lot now. I take it everywhere I go now, so whenever I’m out of town I can get on it. Actually I was riding my old one, and Annie was riding my new one, so I bought her a new one that we’re picking up on Friday. Always thought it was weird watching guys roll by the house on them, but they’re really cool and good Cardio too.

So is Annie your new trainer now? 
Yeah! She really does everything now. When I get home I can spend time with the kids and get to riding. She takes care of everything from bills, mowing the lawn and getting the house clean. I feel guilty a lot of the time, because it always seems like everything we do, it seems like in some shape or form it goes back to racing or riding. She’s just always there for me and I know when I go to the track, it’s fun for me, but she still plays mom all week with cooking and taking care of the kids. She’s amazing. 

You’ve been powering through a hand injury most of this season after getting a staph infection in Florida. Have you finally kicked the injury? 
Yeah, I haven’t had anything since Snowshoe. It started to come back right after Snowshoe but I was able to catch it with antibiotics. So my hand is all cleared up and my body is all injury free. My health is good. 

As far as the rest of the season goes… what are your goals? 
I definitely would like to win. At least one win is my goal for the rest of the season.

Alright Brian, I’m going to let you get back to work. Is there anyone you’d like to thank?
Definitely my wife and kids for supporting me through everything. Sam, he’s like a second wife at the track. I’d also like to thank all my sponsors– JG Off Road, FRE, Honda, Elka Suspension, Hiper, Wiseco, Maxxis, Baldwin Motorsports, ATV 4 Play, DID, PCP, Fasst, Quad Tech, Redling Honda, Spyder Graphics, IMS, Moose, ARSFX, JB Racing, Hinson Racing, Precision Racing Products, Sidi/Motonation, Scott Goggles, Fischer Racing, CV4, Acerbis, Impact Solutions and Standard Process.

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